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ROGO is my cute rogue-lite where you gotta give everyone post and avoid cheeky animals trying to make you go to sleep · By HappySnakeGames


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Update 0.5f
Update 0.5f New stuff Polished a ton of stuff including adding ITEM EFFECTS so it feels good to use items Added a main menu! cool! Fixed a ton of weird bugs Ano...
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Update 0.4f - NEW CHARACTERS
Update 0.4f New Features: 2 NEW CHARACTERS TO PLAY AS! GHOST and FROG!!! 4 NEW MAIL TYPES! (you can buy these in shops cool!!) NEW AREAS (and some old ones that...
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Update 0.3f :)
Update 0.3f Hey! Wow what's this? New stuff and cool stuff: ITEM area at level 0 lets you choose which ITEM to play with and try them all out before picking! Fi...
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Update 0.2f
Wow it's update 0.2f already! New features you might notice 3 New areas!!! SHOP area :D Case's spawn some stuff now A couple more items More information displa...
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Update 0.1f - Playable
Update 0.1f - Playable Quick info Certain features exist but are currently meaningless to game play, such as the fanmail currency that you can collect from ches...
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