Update 0.1f - Playable

Update 0.1f - Playable

Quick info

  • Certain features exist but are currently meaningless to game play, such as the fanmail currency that you can collect from chests
  • This build is buggy and some stuff is straight up broken :)
  • The majority of mechanics and stuff aren't explained at all yet
  • It's actually really hard so if you get past the boss level you have to let me know haha


The game is of course in early stage of development and that is why I'm super keen to get feedback and involve you, the community, from as early on as possible. If you are interested in the game there are two ways you can help me make it awesome:

  1. Screen capture video your time playing and send it to me (maybe via an unlisted you-tube video link or whatever works)
  2. Give any feedback you think important, I've created an anonymous submission page HERE so you can say whatever you want :D

Later on there will be a forum and some cool stuff like that but I'm really keen to get peoples initial feeling for now :D


Happy Snake Games


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Sep 23, 2018


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