Update 0.5f

Update 0.5f

New stuff

  • Polished a ton of stuff including adding ITEM EFFECTS so it feels good to use items
  • Added a main menu! cool!
  • Fixed a ton of weird bugs
  • Another awesome song (and some sound effects) from Keith!
  • New portrait icons for all characters and some visual changes to the character select screen (still needs a bit of work)
  • You can now unlock all the characters (apart from ghost in this build for other reasons) by playing the game and it saves between sessions!
  • ESC to pause the game :D
  • Random train follows me ;)


  • You'll get a little message at the start saying your save data is reset. This just means your save has been created successfully :)
  • IMPORTANT: if you played 0.4 you need to reset your save file to stop the game crashing (sorry)! To do this just go Options > Reset Save


ROGO update 0.5.exe 13 MB
Oct 16, 2018


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