What's new?

A lot of the features are still too complicated (especially for new players) so removing all the unnecessary bits and smoothing everything out.


  • Added the TUTORIAL!!! (you can select this now when choosing a difficulty).
  • Got rid of the CARDS and SPECIAL ABILITY. They just over complicated everything and added confusion! I still like the idea though so you'll see something like it in one of my next games :)
  • Now the CARDS are gone there is loads of space for the SCORING and TURNS which were way too small before.
  • Got rid of the 'energy blobs' (the yellow smiley faces on tiles that charged your skills), instead you just gain skill charge a in less turns :D It's incredible how little sense these must have made to people trying to learn the game
  • Just generally trying to make everything seem smoother and more intentional
  • Added nice an intro when the game boots up
  • SKILL charge starts out full charged now. This just makes way more sense.
  • SKILLS are cleaned up and have new pink icons (as well as SLEEP being changed to SCORE TWICE)
  • Added all the abilities to start when the game does again.

Challenge Mode

Instead of a single player ranking system (that I stole from Keith Burgun and still think is the best way to go for strategy games) LIZARD doesn't have enough depth to make it worth it, instead we have a fun 5 challenge system where you can just jump in and try and complete them all/try and beat the hardest haha

  • Challenge mode added
  • Challenge mode remembers which ones you have completed for you :)
  • You can reset your save data by going to the options from the main screen


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