Hi everyone!

So much has happened since the last update! Mainly, the Kickstarter just passed the 75% mark which makes it SO CLOSE to being fully backed! Check out all the rewards on the Kickstarter page if you haven't pledged yet!

I have also added a couple of cheeky new secrets with this update! I hope y'all have fun finding them! Plus it's worth noting that there is at least 2 secrets that no one has reported solving yet still in the game :D

Here's the new update trailer (has a few tiny hints of the new content :))

QT fixes

  • the last ladybug disappears after it goes DING once now :)
  • added more walls and floor to the balcony bit to stop confusion (you cannot get over the balcony)
  • moved some of the tiny photos in the main hallway that aren't part of anything important :)
  • removed the camera (will be re-added at some point)
  • Linux build is now available!

Thanks so much to everyone that has played, shared and pledged to the project so far, you are all amazing :D I hope you all enjoy the tiny new content a lot :D

- Happy Snake xxx


QT 1.2 (Windows 32 bit).zip 33 MB
Jul 12, 2019
QT 1.2 mac.app.zip 37 MB
Jul 12, 2019
QT 1.2 Linux.zip 48 MB
Jul 12, 2019

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