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I've made some massive changes to the QT part of QT which changes the experience and makes it much better!
I also wrote a blog post about these changes but the short version is the game should be much more fun and a bunch more straight forward :D I really hope everyone loves the new stuff <3


Big Changes
- NEW GAMEPLAY (clues lead you to the photo fragments :D)
- New condensed loops!
- Less confusing loops + alternative loops! (removed all randomization and skips)
- ADDED SAVES for photo fragments, photo frames, having shoes on and skipping the first loop when you reset!!!!
- Moved the vending machine to a semi-secret room to stop the confusion when you play qt for the first time
- Yellow frog ending is now easier to work out :) (let me know what you think of this if you play)

Smaller Changes
-leave little drawings in the photo frames now :D
-fixed the photo frames and some of the other issues they had
-fixed even more z-fighting
-additional assets in some loops
-removed the secret room with the lizards in
-tons and tons of other little things

Again, more huge changes coming soon too! (hopefully next week)

Please let me know what you think (positive or negative) of the new changes! And if you have any issues at all please message me and I will fix anything asap :D

Hope you have an incredible weekend!!!!


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