Update: version 1.97 · ◡ ·

Hey hey! How's it going?

Another weird week but working on QT literally as much as I can!
Today is the basically part 2 of the QT overhaul, and I'm crazy excited to share it with you all! Much more coming soon.


  • new SECRET room with a lot of teleporting cats :) (the secret room in this room is also part of the bigger plan, so it's real function will be more apparent in the next few weeks :))
  • new SHADOW FRIENDS in the later QT part!
  • Some secret rooms in the later QT area too :D


  • added some missing Japanese translations
  • deleted the cubes on the floor at the start of QT
  • eggs less visible
  • fixed more z-fighting (and just noticed a loads more haha)

There's big things coming to QT in the next updates and I think I might change update 2.0 to being the big unveil of the final changes of QT (where all of the new parts come together), the 4th game (what was update 2.0) which I am still totally working too, just changing the numbers :D
Speaking of silly numbers, probably going to do a micro update (1.975) to QT next week with just changes in it :)

As always, hope everyone is okay and taking care!!!


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