Update: version 1.965 · ◡ ·

Hey everyone! <3

Today is a small update that brings a nice new friend to the game! Green guy menu friend!

So I'm working on the next 3 or so updates at the moment, and I managed to separate this part of development to have an update with a couple of vital things today.

  • re-wrote the buggy main menu + added a new green friend before choosing the games! (let me know if you like this or not)
  • fixed scrolling in the achievements and credits is now good with the mouse wheel too.
  • removed the papers from the main menu + added a bunch of tiny friends around your seated position.
  • <secret stuff> ??? in the main menu is now possibly by ??? instead of ???.
  • <secret stuff> ??? platforms now appear when you ???.

QT update (1.97) coming soon :D

Really hope everyone is holding up okay <3


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