QT OST Added · ◡ ·

Hi everyone! · ◡ ·

Thanks for being so patient with the OST release!

But YAY it is out right now (added the file to the download section on QT) :D

I hope you love it and enjoy listening to the relaxing music amidst all this stressful covid stuff.
Keep safe everyone!

Love you all,

p.s I also put the lyrics track from MUSEUM up on youtube as I think lots of people want to listen to that specifically :D (still working on the music video for this track too:))


Linux.zip 181 MB
67 days ago
Mac.zip 175 MB
67 days ago
Windows 64 bit 170 MB
67 days ago
Windows 32 bit.zip 167 MB
67 days ago
QT OST MP3.zip 53 MB
53 days ago

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