Update: version 1.96 · ◡ ·

I'm so happy to have this complete! 1.96 is here and live :D
Here's a tiny trailer I made

Main updates:
- GAMEPAD + Keymapping support!!!
- All new settings + menus, including advanced graphics options! + main menu game select
- New QT ending
- Improved performance (especially in MUSEUM and KOUEN)

Small things
- A dozen QT things (see below)
- Improved localization (now needs restart if you switch languages)
- Easter eggs (qt and museum) ;)
- Improved the achievement popup UI

Gamepad support should work out the box (especially the analog sticks) but there's a chance you might want to remap some of the keys.
The keymapping screen is still a little basic and can be difficult to read, but I will make this better in a future update.
I think all the keyboard keys are the same, so it shouldn't change anything for people just playing on PC.

If you have ANY problems with input/performance/anything please message me anywhere (discord, twitter DM, email) as I really want to fix any issues i might not have caught when testing.

New QT ending
So, I've been planning this QT update since release, but it's hard to do as it can break a lot of other parts of the game... so when I broke everything adding the new input I thought I could add it as I have to test so much anyway! The important changes are in (yellow frog friend is slightly different now, and a tiny bit easier) plus I properly removed jumping and added something way cooler for the final friend ending.
I will be adding a little more to this ending, but the main important bits are there and I'm really really happy with how it turned out.

New other QT things! :D
- new photo fragment view thing
- photo fragments + picture are now in lovely colour
- main door part has some new assets
- goose painting cannot be accessed through the wall now ;)
- better looping camera animation (smoother)
- fixed some of the silly z-fighting on the walls
- redrew the potted plant! looking good now

Really happy with this update and have a dozen more things I want to add to it soon. Hope everyone is doing okay!

- Happy Snake xx

p.s OST coming soon!


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Mar 23, 2020

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wish I had money :(

It's okay HelplessSorrow! I'm gonna keep adding to the game, so whenever you get round to playing it, it will be even more awesome :D


ok! :D I cant wait!